The Creation of the Work of Art

Processing Stages and Techniques

01. Planning

The first phase involves the planning and sharing the feasibility project with the collaborators of the artist.

02. Preparation of the Raw Base

A block of stone is cut according to the measurements of the piece to be made, using a band saw to create the rough shape. Then it is fixed on the lathe and then lathed freehand using cutting tools.

03. Drawing and Cutout

The pattern to be created is drawn freehand on the semi-finished piece; after drawing flowers, leaves or other decorations, by means of a milling tool, the parts are cut around the drawing and all the elements are modeled giving volume to the decoration.

04. Finishing

After having created the ornamental motif, the next phase is the finishing of the object that is executed in the traditional way.

Each creation is signed by Gloria Giannelli.