Elegante Alabaster Vase

Ornamental Alabaster Vase

Elegant ornamental vase in natural agata alabaster with a floral motif, crafted  by the artist Gloria Giannelli. The work was previously lathe turned, then carved into the details before the vase was polished. All done by hand, with the traditional techniques of alabaster processing.

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Each creation crafted by Gloria Giannelli is always a unique piece, is unrepeatable in its details and it is signed by the artist. It’s accompanied by a hand-made certificate containing the instructions for the cleaning and care of the object.


In case a reproduction of a sold out article is desired, since the pieces are entirely made by hand, the processing times may be relatively long and the reproduction cannot in any case be identical to the original.

Please bear in mind that all natural materials are different. The grains, the color, the tone can vary from piece to piece due to the nature of the alabaster stone we use. The white alabaster can have gray or brown grains and the color of the agata alabaster has many nuances ranging from very pale shades to intense brown. This is not to be considered a defect but the very beauty of the natural material.


We have done everything possible to make the colors of our products as truthful as possible on our website. Unfortunately, the color you will see also depends on the monitor, we can not guarantee that it accurately reproduces the color of the product we deliver. All measurements are indicative being our products handicraft, however we will do our best to make them as accurate as possible.